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This campaign needs you. Can you help us? We need help with designing graphics, setting up events and growing our network of Community Sharewears around the country, starting in Birmingham and Manchester. 

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Donate to the Right to Clothing campaign to help us raise awareness, grow our movement and build our network to make change. This will partly be achieved  through lobbying MPs to support the Right to Clothing and widening access to clothing on the ground today through our Community Sharewear franchises.

Please note your donation will be processed by the Peace and Justice Project Ltd. 100% of your donation will go towards the Right to Clothing campaign.

Use the donate form and help us win the right to clothing for everyone!


Campaign set up by Sharewear UK  (charity number Registered Charity No. 1170084)
and the Peace and Justice Project Ltd. (reigstered number 12945855) 

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